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MAXCAP resources compile relevant primary and secondary information concerning previous and current enlargements and relations with the EU neighbours.

It contains links to treaty texts, institutional documents, EU- and country-level databases, studies, progress reports, etc. The website is continuously updated with new documents on EU integration capacity in the context of enlargement and the neighbourhood. To facilitate access to the compiled documents, MAXCAP sources are integrated in the folders below.

General resources

external pageApplication of EU law
Information about the Commission's activities regarding monitoring national implementation of EU legislation

external pageAnnual reports on national implementation of EU law
The Commission's annual reports (1998 - 2011) recording member states' implementation progress and infringement cases opened against non-compliance

external pageEUR-Lex: Access to European Union Law
A database containing texts to EU legislation, as well as references to implementation measures reported by member states' national authorities regarding EU directives

external pageImplementation - Database of quantitative (statistical) studies of transposition, implementation and compliance with EU law
A database containing information about existing academic quantitative research on the application of EU law in the member states

external pageCompliance - Database of case studies of transposition, implementation and compliance with EU law
A new database reviewing the qualitative literature on EU compliance and implementation

Policy-specific resources

external pageStudy on the implementation of the Information Society Directive (2001/29/EC)
Country reports regarding the level of compliance with the Directive including an overview of the European legislative history, an overview of the national laws and a brief overview of relevant literature and case law regarding the Directive.

external pageEC Consumer Law Compendium
Access information on eight consumer law directives, their transposition into the laws of 27 EU Member States, including case-law, bibliography and a comparative study

external pageSingle Market Scoreboard
Performance overviews for all Member States regarding Single Market policies, including the results that have been achieved, the feedback received and conclusions drawn, providing a basis for future action

external pageInternal Market Scoreboards
Links to documents and statistics regarding current and previous editions of the Single Market Scoreboard

external pageEuropean Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law
An international non-profit association of the environmental authorities of the European Union Member States, acceding and candidate countries of the EU, EEA and EFTA countries, information on best practices, EU and country-specific projects

Implementation of non-discrimination directives
external pageEuropean Anti-Discrimination Legal Network
external pageNon-Discrimination in the European Union: (part II)
external pageNon-Discrimination in the European Union: (part II)
external pageNon-Discrimination in the European Union: (part III)

Country-Level Indices

external pageFreedom House: ‘Freedom in the World Index’
: political rights, civil liberties

external pageCenter for Systemic Peace: ‘Polity IV data series’
: executive recruitment, constraints on executive authority, political competition

external pageThe Economist, Intelligence Unit: ‘Democracy Index’
: electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, political culture, civil liberties

external pagePolitical Risk Services Group: ‘International Country Risk Guide. Bureaucratic Quality
: expertise of government, autonomy of bureaucracy, recruitment and training, policy formulation, administrative functions

external pageWorld Bank: ‘Worldwide Governance Indicators
: quality of public services, the civil service and policy formulation and implementation, degree of independence of the civil service from political pressures, credibility of government's commitment to policies

external pageBertelsmann Stiftung: ‘Transformation Index BTI’
: political and economic transformation, management of transformation

external pageDemocracy Ranking Association: ‘Democracy Ranking
: political system, gender, economy, knowledge, health, environment

external pageThe European Policies Initiative Catch Up Index
: countries' level of convergence or divergence along four categories: economy, quality of life, democracy and governance

Documents, reports, policy initiatives, etc

external pageCouncil Decision of 18 February 2008 on the Principles, Priorities and Conditions Contained in the European Partnership with BiH and Repealing Decision 2006/55/EC’, 2008/211/EC’, Official Journal of the EU, L80, 19 March 2008

external pageEuropean Commission (2005) ‘Guide to the Main Administrative Structures Required for Implementing the Acquis’, Informal Working Document For Guidance Only

external pageMetreveli, E. and Kulick, J. (2009) Country case study: Georgia Social Relations and Governance in Javakheti

external pageMarina Skrabalo, GONG Research Centre: “Transparency in retrospect: preliminary lessons from Croatia's EU accession process”, Discussion paper commissioned by the Greens / EFA in the European Parliament, Zagreb, November 8, 2012

external pageMaja Bozic, Relja Bozic, European Movement Serbia: Civil society in the European integration process – from constructive dialogue to successful negotiations, October 2012, Belgrade

external pageEuropean Policy Institute: Use of EU funds in Macedonia: Efficiency, Impact, and Absorption Capacity, Case studies, October 2012

external pageParliamentary Challenges in the EU Accession Process

Standard Eurobarometer Surveys:

Information about EU citizens' awareness of enlargement, general support for EU membership and support for individual candidates, trust in EU institutions, attitudes towards the EU crisis-management strategy (2008 - 2012)

Special Eurobarometer Surveys:

Information about societal attitudes towards EU neighboring countries, awareness of and interest in relations and politics with EU neighbors

Flash Eurobarometer Surveys:

Information about EU citizens’ views regarding the effect of the integration of 10 Central and Eastern European countries on the 27 Member States of the enlarged union, EU citizens’ views about important factors regarding further enlargements

Other surveys:

external pageCentral and Eastern Eurobarometers (1990-1997)
Annual surveys monitoring economic and political changes, as well as attitudes towards Europe and the European Union in up to 20 countries of the region

external pageEuropean Social Survey Data – Rounds 1-5 (2002-2010), Round 6 (released in Oct. 2013)
Public attitudes and values within Europe, interest in politics, trust in politicians, trust in the European Parliament, immigration, citizenship and sociopolitical issues

external pageWorld Values Survey – Rounds 1-5
Attitudes and values, confidence in the European Union, national identity

external pageGallup Balkan-Monitor
Views of the Balkans residents on living standards, happiness and attitudes towards the EU, employment opportunities, feelings about living abroad and the performance of their governments

Country-specific surveys:

Reports, documents, policy initiatives, etc:

In Mind Marketing Research (2003) ‘Poll of Citizens of the Republic of Latvia on Integration of Latvia into the European Union’, Report 4–7 September, Riga.

Commission of the European Communities (1978) ‘General considerations on the problems of enlargement’. COM (78) 120 final, 18 April.

EU institutions

external pagePress Releases Database
The database contains all press releases issued by the Commission, including press releases of some of the other European institutions: e.g., the Council of the European Union.

external pageEuropean Parliament's 'Think Tank' pages
An online platform that brings together all sources of EP expertise: Parliament studies, library briefings, impact assessment andEuropean added value papers, STOA and economic dialogue documentation, surveys on public opinion and EU fact sheets

EU-wide statistical information

external pageThe European Election and Referendum Database
The database provides information about results from parliamentary elections, European Parliament elections, presidential elections, as well as EU-related referendums since 1990 for a total of 35 European countries.

external pageEUROSTAT database
Statistical data on socioeconomic and structural factors within countries and country regions

external pageEurostat (2013) Key Figures on Enlargement Countries
Statistical data on demography, education, social conditions, labour force, national accounts, finance, international trade, agriculture, energy, industry and services, transport in the enlargement countries in comparison with the EU (2001-2011)

EU member states' statistical agencies

Enlargement-related EU documents:

external pageBrussels European Council, 16-17 December 2004

external pageCopenhagen European Council, 12-13 December 2002

external pageHelsinki European Council, 10-11 December 1999

external pageCommission of the European Communities (1978) ‘General considerations on the problems of enlargement’. COM (78) 120 final, 18 April.


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